How I became his little bitch

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How I became his little bitch

 How I became his little bitch

About two months ago, I met a charming man on the internet, and we both wanted a "friendly-sexual" relationship.

So we met and started our "sexual sessions.

One evening, he invited me to his place to go to the movies and more of course!

Before leaving we went up to his room...I started to caress and suck him...I love to feel his cock swell as I devour him!!!

Too excited, I tell him

"Go ahead and fuck me like a slut I can't take it anymore".

Without him even touching me I was all wet and I only wanted one thing: to feel his 21cms in my pussy! Only as we had the film session, he just took me quickly and we left for the film.

When we came back, we went straight back to the room, my hormones were boiling and I wanted too much to pick up where we left off.

I start with a little back massage and ask her to turn around so I can take care of something else! I let my hand slide on his cock and start to jerk him off to wake up the beast! Then I start to lick him, his glans super big and soft! I eat his cock as far as possible, that is to say not very far considering the size!

Then he tells me

"Lie down and spread your dick wide so I can fuck you like a whore".

I love being insulted and being his whore. I spread my pussy so wet that it fits like butter! I feel him go deep inside me which makes me moan and scream.

I tell him "go ahead and fuck me, I want your cock".

Then he turns me over to take me on all fours so that I can feel it even more and also and especially so that he gives me a good spanking! I'm very very naughty and I love a good spanking!!!! he doesn't hesitate to slap my ass very hard and tell me

"You like it, you little whore, don't you? Feel my big cock and have your big ass spanked.

Very excited, he wants to take me by the ass, he starts to finger me then I feel his big huge glans sliding on the crack of my ass, I contract because considering the size I am afraid to have pain, he enters his cock further and further to finally find himself at the bottom of my ass so open.

While he fucks me I finger myself, at this moment I would have liked to be taken by two guys one in front and him behind to cum through all the holes! My ass is now as open as my pussy and he takes me both in front and behind.

while fucking me, he tells me

"i want you to be my bitch and come and fuck me regularly like a slut!!!

I tell him

"yes i want to come and get fucked, feel your big cock taking me like a bitch"!

Since that night, we often meet for little sex sessions.

I want to do my slutty thing with him, that's why I bought a dildo, so that not only can he punish me for being a naughty little bitch but he can also put the dildo in me while he's fucking me! that way I can have both my holes filled and know how it feels!

I can't wait to test my little toy!

A very nice evening !


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