Cara2022/06/26 16:52

We fought our way in

On the ground of the living.

Once they lived now they don't,

Will to won't.

We cried, mourn over the tombstones,

Engraved names....

It wouldn't take back what we did to them

To win a piece of "LAND"

And that dark land now possess

The light inside

Blinded to your eyes

Telling the tales to the world beneath

The way they died

We see them their shadows

They don't need light now

They don't need us now

They're free atlast

They've moved beyond this selfish being, at last

Your men stands by you

Your brothers don't, your sisters don't

A fake victory

You're victorious

Before you are to be burried and worth nothing more

Just had to breathe through hell Otherwise life was fine

Another one comes next in line

his time

his men

his night

his light

Dark ends shall come

Once Innocent soul shall become

Some like you

Burried underneath, worth nothing

Not free

And the time shall pass

And the day will come

When your men,

Your Land

Won't have a place for someone like you

To hide your become


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