Pratishtha, Parampara, Anushasan : AGNIVEER Katra Katra Desh Ke Naam

Sakshie2022/06/26 06:39

Protests have been taking place across the country since June, that is, since the Agneepath scheme was introduced. The youth who are adopting the attitude of violence, they need to read and understand this plan from beginning to end with a calm mind. There is democracy in our country and you have full right to speak and protest in democracy. But this right is not got by damage to public property or at the cost of violence reform.. Protest also has its own date..This plan is perfect 4 sa Gaya many times 21. You have to give service to the nation.. Agneepath The main goal of the army is to bring youth.. There is an emphasis on how and age to work and for the sake of youth's enthusiasm and passion to protect the country. Our country is in need of such reforms since 1989.. But no special efforts have been made in this direction.. The present government of the Center has compromising this need and after 3 years of mehndi and deep thought, it is in front of us in the form of reforms. Here are some of its main points in simple language -

(I) Bharti in the form of Agniveer of youth from 17 to 21 years..

(II) Service period 4 years..

(III) Bettiah will also be able to become Agniveer..

(IV) Extension of service to 25% Agnivero after completion of service period.

(v) To become Agniveer one has to pass 3 examinations – Physical Fitness Test, Medical Test and Written Examination.

(VI) 46000 Agniveers will be appointed in the first phase.

The facilities announced for Agnivero are -

(i) Total service period paid - 4600000/-

(ii) Uniform

(iii) travel

(iv) Difficulty amount

(v) 30 holidays in a year

(vi) CDS Canteen

(vii) Insurance of 1 crore

(viii) Agniveer can also be awarded the Param Vir Chakra.

(ix) Medical facility.

According to the central government, when Agniveer will serve the country, then jobs will definitely be there for him. The Defense Ministry has also managed to give 10% reservation..

States like Assam, Goa, UP, Chhattisgarh have talked about giving jobs after the service property of Agnivero.. This scheme is aimed at focusing on the enthusiasm, passion, courage, skill etc. of the youth of the country. Far-reaching policies and the country's first CDS J. This plan, prepared by some great suggestions in Vipin Rawat ji, will definitely be successful in infusing new spirits in the army.

The central government will give 12th certificate to Agnivero from Indira Gandhi Open University.. And remember if he wants to complete his education, then the central government will help him in all possible ways.

The way the protests have taken place, they need to be avoided. Our present central government is trying to make India Vishwaguru again. We should also cooperate with them like true citizens.

Modi government does not take any step only for immediate relief, but makes far-reaching changes with lofty thinking, taking the country to new heights is a little more difficult.

Agneepath scheme has been appreciated by all the countries..Hope our youth will also understand it soon...

When you will complete your term by walking on the path of service to the nation, and return to public life, then a happy and prosperous future will be waiting for you..


Aaiye ' AGNIVEER banein

Sakshie Kumari

( khushi)


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