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Several months later, the loving memory of his parent still lingers on in his heart. He never Felt a love as strong as his first love. He has been adopted by a new parent and must acclimatize to the fact that his parent were gone and a new life continues with his new parent

His new parent were not as loving as his first love. They were too busy all for their selfish interest. It never dawn on them they have a son to love. They were driven by self-interest and were motivated by the zeal to acquire wealth for their personal pleasure. He felt dejected living with his new parent as the memories of his old parent flashed back

Soon after, he had lost his pride and dignity. His strength has depreciated and is no longer feared by the people. He lives in hunger and penury feeding only on a meagre of meal. But despite the dilapidated condition of the boy, His new parents were apathetic as they continue to seek for their personal interest. All the wealth they acquire both legal and illegal means were all for their selfish interest they were so selfish and corrupt, feeding on ill golden wealth bribing their way through tramping on the happiness of other just for their personal pleasures. But despite these, they were never penalized because they are the law. They enjoy immunity as a result of the independence status from the foreigner granted by the first parents, which there never enjoyed till death. They would be so disappointed all their efforts were impasse

His new parent would never protect him in trials and tribulations but rather run away for a greener pasture. They would accommodate the foreigners who oppressed them before but would isolate him. He has lost everything. He was no longer the king of the greatest nor then prIde of the continent again. His driving force has totally deteriorated and his power gone. He couldn’t dominate the sporting world which he was renowned for. Many of his admirers anticipated his performance in the event but he was drained psychologically on the thought as his performance. And after the tack-off, he was nowhere to be found among the early sprinter unable to replicate his previous performance no thanks to the uncaring nature of his new parent “what is really wrong with him? The people questioned “is it not the same well known king of the greatest? How come he has suddenly lost his pace” they bewildered. Even in the boxing competition; he was knocked down in just the second round by the heavy punch of his opponent. His condition grew worst as he was not even recognize again by the world of literature. The king of the greatest has indeed falling.


The fallen hero couldn’t unravel how all of a sudden he had lost it all. It seems like a mystery yet to be unravelled .Psychologically, he was depressed as he moved along the road side enclosed with the thought of his sudden down fall. He was deep in thought and couldn’t notice the approaching vehicle as he got hit by the vehicle and was left unconscious on the floor ,the taxi man obviously ran away frightened by the penalty for his action.

He was left lying on the floor despite the passers-by who walked pass the road. Among them was a wealthy man who could only shake his head in a pathetic manner showing a sign of remorse for him had walked away without a helping hand. A religious cleric passed through the road but could only thank God that he was still alive and walked away. It took the intervention of a good Samaritan who took him up and rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment.” Thank God you brought him on time” said the doctor. He was at the brink of death. “Doctor, what are the chances of his survival?” asked the Good Samaritan.

“Well from the test conducted it shows high blood pressure which arouse as a result of too much thought and unfortunately for him he was knocked down by a car still lost in thought. So from experience i think he lost somebody so precious to him and he is yet to find love again.

“Oh, poor boy he must have passed through a lot” said the good Samaritan.

It’s so unfortunate” said the doctor. And no one has come here to claim him as their own, not even his parents? Do you know anything about him, so I can trace his origin “said the doctor.

“I don’t know much, but although the little I know about him is that he was called the king of the greatest.

“What? Do you mean this is the same king of the greatest? How come he has lost his driving force? This is not the man the man we used to know, the doctor exclaimed.

“I heard his parents died long ago and he was adopted by new parents who left him demoralised all because of their selfish interests, I never knew it was the same king of the greatest that has fallen. He was actually born in this same hospital some years ago, «I must check the record” said the doctor. After a rigorous search from the doctor and some nurses glancing through some old files, they finally found it.

His record shows that he was born on the first day of October 1960 and his name is Nigeria. “His chances of survival is to find a suitable replacement for his first love “said the doctor and unless someone agrees to be his first love, the tears of a morning sun will persist.


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