Stagnancy, lotuses and tide

Prebib2022/06/25 17:38
Stagnancy, lotuses and tide

Stagnancy, lotuses and tide

What’s new today 

My heart is still drowned 

Drowned in the ditch or the lake 

Still trying to figure out 

Whether mosquitoes breed over me 

Or the lotuses bloom 

Will the rain that blooms the roses,

rises me from the ditch to the surface 

Or the heat will make me exhausted and   

fade my soul away 

Shall I wait for it to rain 

Or just let my soul fade away ?

Will the wave from the sea joins me 

and take my stagnancy away ?

Cause in this stagnancy I think,

I have lotuses above me 

Are those roses real or just my 

imaginations to remain in pleasure 

of the stagnant water 

Not willing to move with the tide, 

to join the sea, to clear my stagnancy 

Cause it’s the same stagnancy that makes me feel, I have lotuses above my head 


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