Alex O'bor2022/06/25 17:34

A Short Poem Written By Alex O'bor   


Black-out at the backseat
Oh no, i think its a dream
Soak my robes in blood and spray my head with hot coals and ashes
It's worthless if it's not over heels
Because Scholars told me "Love heals"
So i got mine scattered like branches of the grapevine
Still, Eve is not mine
Oh no, i think its a dream.

Since after the Fall of mankind; Juices from the apple fruits never tasted sweet
I'm Naked on the North-Pole
Then i lay my heart bare on its cold sheets,
Keep your solace to thyself, cus I'm consecrated to the ecstatic bliss the WATER brings to my Sole - Soul
If the water gives Life; dilute mine with the alkaline drops
I'll end, then the pains stops
Can't get enough, No I can't get enough

Holy communion with the brethren
Break bread and drink sacramental wine
I'm consecrated afterwards, Oh sweet vine
Full myself then i fool myself,
The SPIRIT is willing
The flesh is weak
The VODKA is strong
The spirit is weak
Everything seems blur when I'm Under the Alco-fluence of In-cohol Dews
Poison lotion mixed with my Adrenaline Juice
But still Can't get enough, No I can't get enough.

Friends could burn bridges and be worst enemies
But i am my only friEnemy
After Hennessy; everybody looks like enemies
I'm at war with myself, i'm trying to see'if the henni cease
I screw-flipped bottle caps, cus the liquor is fine
But the priest fed me olives, now my soul's divine...

- Alex O'bor


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