Vishal Naik2022/06/23 16:54

There are lots of games played at the school level, but the most common and important games are Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, and much more. Skills like teamwork, leadership, patience, discipline, learning from failure, Sportsmanship, etc., are developed only when children play sports regularly, and these skills are equally important when it comes to studies and management. So, we can call it a crucial thing when it comes to skill-building.

We often come across many children who are good at sports, but not so good at studies. Also not to mention the countless sports type. So, for such students who don’t have that much interest in studies can make their career in sports as they value the importance of games in student’s life.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy- we all have been familiar with this proverb. Aren’t we? So don’t you think just a proper playtime can help your children stay fit and raw? From helping your child maintain good health to helping them to increase self-esteem and mental alertness, sports and games do it all. Games like Cricket, Tennis, and football are the must-play games at the school level.

It is the responsibility of schools and institutions to train all the students in different games right from the primary section. It is true that books develop our mind, but games develop our body too. Games are the best media to help children reach new heights, be it scoring good marks in exams, be it staying fit and healthy, or be it completing the syllabus. Apart from education, games also provide mental, physical, and psychological development of a student. To bring up a healthy spirit of competition among the students, to build up decision-making skills, and also to ensure the all-rounder personality of a student – games, and sports have been introduced and are applicable now in every school and colleges.


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