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Hi fellow teens! 

In this article, I am gonna be talking about ‘attitude'. Attitude is the one thing that dictates one's life. As teens, we find it hard to manage our attitude because we want our impression to seem like the high school bad guy/cool guy who sends intimidating auras and whom the hottest girls want to be with. Or we can’t just control our attitude coz we get mad or embarrassed.

Here's one truth: attitude is the sailor of your ship—Once your attitude is infected, your ship is at a high risk of sinking. I'm not trynna say you should change your attitude by being completely nice. No, there are just disgusting situations that don’t require the ‘Mr. Nice guy' (you’re probably thinking of a cool fight….no… no, don’t even think of it). Let’s take it from one of the description of this blog:

Dream; as teenagers, we dream of getting material things, good future, and good relationship. Here’s the thing, you can’t effectively enjoy your relationship with a bad attitude; attitude is also a player in your team. Have you heard of this saying: your attitude will determine your altitude? Sounds nerdy buy it’s true, your relationship with people is a factor of your attitude. If you haven’t gotten into a fight with someone for so long, then you're probably exhibiting a good attitude.

Unfortunately, you can’t socialize with a bad attitude. So stop saying people or your mates don’t like you..maybe you should focus more on your attitude to find out why. If they don’t like you because you don’t bully others or do shitty things that seem socially acceptable or cool by them, then you should continue being you and find the right people.

I'm writing this article coz I'm also a teen (I mean you'd have known if you saw my greeting ), and I know what it feels like to be a teenager.

I came across the saying that adults are just lucky people who made it out of teenage limbo. And ever since I started managing my attitude, things changed for good; I now move with interesting people (both my age, younger and older), all of them wanting to socialize with me.

If you really wanna know how it worked, look out for updates. #don’t forget to subscribe. Comment in the box below if you have any opinions or questions.

Bye peeps ✌.


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