Thebeezybee2022/06/23 08:33

Let's have a bit of throwback!

I remember when I and my sister were given ₦1 (one naira) as pocket money to purchase snacks during break time in school. I would take 50kobo and give her 50kobo. 🙂

With ₦1, we could purchase chin-chin, kuli-kuli, sweets, and other snacks.

I could still remember using the coin as a tool in drawing the National Coat of Arm. I would place the coin under my note book and shade. Then boom! It appears on my notebook as though it was done by a professional artist 😂.

At home, my mum would ask me to go and buy 'Akamu' (pap) and sugar. Pap and sugar were sold at the rate of ₦1each. With ₦5 (five naira), I would buy 'Akamu' ₦3 and sugar ₦2 Even 'Akara' (Bean cake) was sold for one naira.

So with ₦10 (ten naira), you could have breakfast. Just buy Akara ₦5 Akamu 3 naira and sugar 2naira that's it!.

I really missed going to my dad's office after school, just to get some of those coins that he kept on his table for us. 😁

Oh ₦1! Why have we forsaken you? 😂

For the younger ones, you might only be familiar with the faces you have on the 1,000 naira note right? Right!

Let me educate you. You see the face on the one naira coin? That is the face of Olayinka Herbert Samuel Heelas Badmus Macaulay, regarded as the founding father of nationalism in Nigeria. (If you want to know more, go for history classes 😁).

To the older ones, what is your memory about ₦1 coin? 😎


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