Give me a big hug !!!

Haya Bhatti2022/06/23 07:33
Give me a big hug !!!

A simple hug softens our hearts;

welcomes us and makes life more bearable.

A hug is a way of sharing joys

as well as the sad moments that come our way.

It is just a way of saying to our friends

that we love them and that we care about each other

because hugs were made to give to those who we love.

A hug is an amazing action.

It is the perfect way to show the love we feel

When we don’t get the right word.

It is wonderful because just a hug given with lots of love,

makes feel good to who we give it to, regardless the place or language

because it is always understood.

For these, and for many more reasons…

Today, I send you my warmest hug.


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