Poetry: Madness

Anam2022/06/22 19:08

This poetry is a satire on Shakespearean plays and also an urge for writing like him.

Poetry: Madness


Food is not food for me

Until I write like; “to be or not to be"

Something mysterious to read

But its a very famous line by

A witty man with having retentive memory

Soliloquies, monologues, pangs and bliss

Were added to his themes

But I deprecate some love themes

Shameful to be seen

And not worthy to read

Dwindle the mind of teens

Leave some bad marks in their deeds

Make them spurious and quite mean like me

No doubt, that man's work is still infallible

People find him intelligent

Cause he was proficient at composing good words

Ever perfect in writing sonnets and other works

That's why I wish to write like the witty man

And madly I say;

Food is not food for me

Until I write like " to be or not to be”.



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