Serve With All Your Strength By Bethel Blake

Bethel Blake2022/06/22 06:42

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Serve With All Your Strength By Bethel Blake

I pledge to Nigeria my country

To be faithful, loyal and honest

And to serve Nigeria with all your strength

Was the beginning of your downfall

The mystic is a complete mystery to me

You were the only mzee in your generation

Suddenly, a fake nzungu.

Why did you not read the terms and conditions

Before agreeing to take an oath you can't keep

Now I wonder what happened to your faithfulness to Nigeria

Still wondering what happened to the loyalty

You doubt your own honesty

You supposed to be the messiah

And take the nation higher.

You ignored your heartbeat

And now your heart beat

Your voice was as loud as lions'

The frequency was high

Your courage was like that of our heroes past

And your vision had focus.

Now sniffy about your own passion

The cockroach is still in your cupboard

But you snark around

You snarf others opinion and snigger

Yet you can only see with your left eye.

You snark at me for saying the truth

Truth is bitter they say

Try mine, it taste like paella

Perceive it, it smells like sandalwood

If you don't have a vision people will give you their ministry

Enter your sanctum and come out a patriot.

Paraquat all negativity

Be an ogre to your limitations

Oi, you can do it!

Come on!! try again!!

You can obliviate the help of her enemies

Defend her unity

Obeisance to uphold her honour and glory

And putting God first.


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