._Fathers are the gods who hid sorrow_.

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A story about father's love

._Fathers are the gods who hid sorrow_.

As soon as the sun went down, the children saw their father coming to work in the morning and started shouting "That father is coming"

When the little boy saw his father coming home, he ran and jumped on his father's shoulder

What time did Dad go today..I went before I even woke up..I'm angry "he laughed and looked away.

The father, who had tickled little Sigitta's stomach and bit him, dropped the child to the ground.

"Here he is... he's here now..I'm looking at the silence of this group.." said his wife and took the bag he had brought to work..

He washed his hands from a nearby pot and carried both children on his lap. He picked up the bag in his wife's hand and grabbed two bundles of bundles wrapped in a white shopping bag.

Here are my little ones. Give it to your mother to eat too. "

Then Daddy will not eat? "Asked his six-year-old daughter, who was wearing only shorts and was naked.

I do not like it. He said, kissing the children's heads.

The wife who stuffed the bundles she got into her husband's mouth, it doesn't matter if she doesn't like it, eat it. When I took the Sutus gala fish from the stove, I was told that I could eat it because I knew that he was a pre-Bundi eater...

What is this? Dad still has bruises on his hands and balls. His little son asked in the language he could speak.

The child asked, looking at the wounds on his hand

Both children looked at their father's hands and they shook hands.

"When I go to work I just remember you..then my love for my kids will increase. Then the hands get injured because you are not around. "The father said laughing at the children.

The little boy was ready to cry, pointing his delicate soft hands at his father.

My son loves me more than he loves me. My son's hand does not hurt...

He said as he messed up the boy's hair.

The little boy who heard that.. "Yeah I love daddy so much I love you so much" jumped on the and started running in the yard..

Fathers are the gods who tried to create a paradise for their children by hiding their sorrows. The gods who gave their children a word of joy and shed tears from a far corner.

Kings who have filled the stomachs of children since he was hungry.

The living gods who made us live on thorns but did not allow us to be crushed in a bed of roses...

I wish all fathers good health and long life.


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