Accepting the possibility that the girl will never be for him even if they love each other so much, because for the girl she will still follow her parent's belief even if sacrificing the boy she truly loves.


I have to opened my eyes

into reality that whatever I do

I can't have you, even if it would

hurt maybe I should let you go

I should cope up with

the possibility that you belong

to someone else, maybe not me

or will ever be

will you break the chain

that hurdles our way, or will

you just let it hinders our love

without taking responsibility

yes we do love each other

but can you prove that in action

can you prove to me that you

truly love me

or are you just following orders

from someone else without

taking into consideration

my feelings for you

I love you without a doubt

and that will remain whatever happens


June 22, 2022


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