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ON SET...!

ON SET...!

DIRECTOR: So Mr. Jade do you get what I'm saying. I said you cannot be doing anyhow.... You have to do what I say. You cannot be throwing your hands and opening your mouth anyhow. This is my set and I determine how to run it. I'm the Director here.

JADE: You are are the director does not mean you must tell me what to do.

PHLEGON: I'm the Director means I must tell you what to do. (firmly) And-you-must-do-it!

JADE: Mr man, this-is-my-role!

DIRECTOR: And this-is-my-set! Your role is only useful on my set. If you cannot cooperate, take your role somewhere else and you will find out there is no use for your role.

JADE: bla bla bla....

PHLEGON: Mr.....(stops. Sits back, to the crew) Let's start from the top of this scene where Mr. Jade was meant to eat the food from the pot.

JADE: (raises his voice) and I say I'm not eating from the pot. It belittles my personality. I cannot do it. Is that a problem for you to.....

PHLEGON: (ignores him) Hello sir, what is your name?

KETH: (surprised, quickly adjusts himself) Keth! My name is Keth, sir!

PHLEGON: Keth, can you act?

KETH: I'm...I'm trying sir.

PHLEGON: you don't need to be perfect. I will perfect you on my set.

JADE: No one is hearing me.. For forty five times now I've raised my opinion and no one is hearing me. If you are not careful I will leave the set now.

PHLEGON: Mr. Jade please leave my set.

JADE: pardon?

PHLEGON: you heard me.

JADE: (with laughter) you are joking right? (to the crew) He is joking right? (to Phlegon) You know this is meant to be my first acting right? You how many years I've been doing audition...this is my first time after 5 years of audition to be granted a role. (teary) you can't do this to can't!

PHLEGON: I have Mr. Jade. (silence) Leave my set.

JADE: (with pleading) please can I see you for a minute?

PHLEGON: I don't have such time. You have wasted a lot of our time already. Mr. Keth, get on set. Camera rolling.....

(Light fades away)


NOTE: You are on a set, Bible is the Script, JESUS is the Director. Follow!


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