Nature is everything

Jobless Joker2022/06/20 16:20

I am the rise

Nature is everything

I am the rise

I am the the fall

I am you are

You have the pain,

We got the gain,

You & we repeat it again & again...

Our Life is a war,

You are peace of aware,

I am a giant, you are a saint...

I just "live" in you to use ,

You give back "love" to loose,

Live & love difference of

I am & y o u ...

I give you curse,

You gave me bless,

What I have to say...

It was my cry,

I look into sky,

I say...I say.....

I am man of a bitch

Give me a chance

If I have a another life

Bless me to birth in you

Mother NATURE just in you.


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