Second Opinions

Siemens2022/06/20 11:16

If you see that a person is disposed to criticism, then this is not such a bad idea — you can thoroughly discuss it.

Freedom of speech and equality, to which the whole world is actively striving, can sometimes backfire. There are information attacks and hoaxes, news which are absurd but still lots of people believe.

▫️And there is a single reason for all of this — everyone seeks to impose their own opinions. Sharing personal views is not so bad, but what if a person is completely incompetent in what they say?

▫️Everyone wants to give their 2 cents where nobody asked. And you, as a reasonable person, should be able to understand and sense the difference between what is worth listening to and what is not.

▫️Don't even try to explain anything - they will still try to prove the opposite to you with foam at the mouth.


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