Fele2022/06/20 01:47

This week's Message: It’s in our human nature to try and avoid any form of opposition or confrontation. We like to feel comfortable being affirmed, even if that means we’re stuck in a bubble of lies. This week, consider how oppositional energy is appearing in your life. Your relationships with other people are a ripe place to find confrontational energy. And yet, while this energy might be a nuisance or even painful, oppositional energy is the friction that we need to grow and mature. If all that we’re looking for in life is to be affirmed, to have others go, “yes, yes, you’re right,” then we are in a state of stagnation and egocentrism. Take the instances of opposition (the arguments, the petty annoyances, the differences in opinion, the judgments, etc.) as an opportunity to develop more open-mindedness, compassion, disidentification with the ego, and tolerance.

We hope this message helps you on your path!


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