The Criminals

SM Wasif2022/06/19 06:37

The good people become criminals due to injustice they face. We are not aware of the fact that a person whom we are humiliating or depriving of his her rights etc can become a criminal to revenge for himself.

It was some years ago when an organization gave me a research on criminals in my summer vacation from my college.

I made the feasibility report and the sample of some jails of KPK.

I visited the most dangerous criminals with the permission of the jail superintendents and discussed some general topics of their interests in the first two visits so that they should disclose their personal problems to me by becoming friends. From the third visit I started work on my questionare.

One question's answer was common of all these criminals

"What was the reason when you did your first crime." Which meant when they were gentle people of the society, why did they come to the crime world?

And I was astonished that most of them faced some unaffordable injustice.

My dear fellows we should give respect to each and every person around us where he or she is a beggar, a boy working in a restaurant, the peons, malis, security guards, clerks, drivers and all the weak, poor and down trodden people of the society as they serve us and we should not insult them and we should not hit their self esteem.


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