Sorry I ain't Sorry

TOVoM2022/06/18 15:44

Sorry to you, you and you. Yes, YOU for breaking your heart. Human I am, Imperfection got the best part of me. Still wonder what you'd like to see written on my tombstone, for your love and trust I broke. I've not expired yet, but I feel and wish to see how you'd look at my lifeless body. Hope someone save and recount this sincere plea to you in the future. I don't know you yet, but sorry I broke you. Wish I could turn back the hands of time. The best person you thought I would be, turned out to be the worst. Hope this comforts you knowing I tried being a debonair even when I erred. Wish you heal from this dilemma. Honestly, hope you lay beside me after you expire. Yet the irony is that, wish I never met YOU. Yes. YOU had your FLAWS, yet I accepted it all. Hope you become a better person you wished

l'd be to the one who will entrust you with their heart, mind and soul in the future. - TOVoM


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