The E string2022/06/18 08:53
When did I?

When did I lose myself?

Was it when I was told their dreams were mine?

Or was it when I was gonna die?

Was it when I came to exist?

Or when I questioned why do I exist?

The day I looked upto admire someone,

That day I realised what wasn't mine,

My aim in life wasn't minr,

Because I've been a naive little child.

The show, is it really mine?

Or am I a puppet in this being ruled by people behind?

If I break the strings,

Will I still be alive?

Or will I be dead,

And be refined with a knife?

I am piled up with insecurities,

I fear to love, I fear to lose,

Cause' what if the words are all hoax?

When did I lose myself?

I'll ask myself again,

But then I reform it

And ask if I ever found myself in the first place?


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