The Irony of Fame

Zealous Frank2022/06/17 22:39

It drives you crazy

It takes from you the best

And gives in return the rest

It showcases you to the world

But at the expense of your lot

It breaks your freedom

And for what? and pleasure?

It is fun while it last

But will it last?

Fame is a bastard

Pardon me, I mean a dastard

It gives and it takes

Fair deal...but the time to receive

Is as short as a broken scale

You can believe in it

But the regret that soon follows

Will destroy your peace

Fame is beautiful

But dangerous to behold

It drags you from hero to zero

And offer a complement

Equivalent to your soul

Even in it obscurity

It amass countless disciples

A taste is toxic and killing

And in it best

The strong loses it identity


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