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Continuation of the tears of a mourning son chapter 1


The boy grew up under the tender love of his parent. The man, now independent of the foreigner toils hard all day to meet live needs all for the sake of his son. He took up hard jobs even beyond his power. He goes an extra mile to provide for his family. He fights anyone who confront his son and was never deter by the risk of dying for his son. His wife hawks from street to street just to carter for her son. The love for their son in immeasurable.

The boy continue to grow up in strength and in statue and was so much loved by his parent who can do anything for him even if it worth their lives. He was seen as embodiment of success.

The boy grew up to be strong and was feared by many. Even among his peers. He was feared and respected; his power knows no bound defeating and conquering the mighty. He goes to war and defeats the strongest; in the sporting world he has no rival. He was like a giant in the continent and was nicknamed the king of the greatest.

He performs Great in every sporting event he goes to and was recognized by the world as a renowned sportsman. As the sporting event draws near, the whole world anticipated for his performance, he was squired up among the best from all the nooks and cranny of the world but yet all eyes were on him. It was the track event where everyone displays his pace. And as the whistle goes signalling the start of the race, he was fast ahead with an overwhelming pace and finishes ahead of others which expand his popularity not just in the continent but also in the world. In the boxing competition, he was at it again Knocking down his opponent in just the second round. What a great achievement for him. As he enjoys success in every other competition he goes into. He continue to excel in all activities as his success soon cut across Africa and was acknowledge by the world of literature, winning noble prizes in literature. He was seen as the embodiment of literature. That has eclipsed the earth. He was indeed the king of the greatest.


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