Thebeezybee2022/06/17 08:42

Who doesn't enjoy sleeping when it's raining?

Picture this... The weather is cold and you are all wrapped up in your duvet, blanket or wrapper. You know you just sleep so deeply and sweetly. You even smile in your sleep because of the beautiful dream you might be having. 😁

Now here is the thing, nothing last forever. 😎

Just when you just want to enjoy that early morning sleep, especially around 3am to 4am after the heavy downpour through out the night; the next thing you will hear is "kukurukuuuuuuuuuuu!".

My neighbours cock will just sound this unwanted alarm!

Annoyingly, It will just come close to your window and sound the alarm!

Even if you sound proof your ears, the sound will hit your ear drum hard. It will be as though one is hitting a big drum shouting "Wake up ooooooo!" inside your ears. 😂

This is one thing you enjoy when you are living with a neighour that breeds 'Made in Nigeria fowls'. 😂


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