This poem tells the story of a young lad being always taken for granted by the girl he loves and a friend who is concern to him...

Wake Up

Ever imagine If you

were her priority or just

her favorite past time

Did you ever ask yourself

questions about her love

is it real or just imaginary

Your always thinking about

her but does she takes time

thinking of you

or she just simply let the

day goes by, without saying

hi or even a hello

Do you have to feel

that same old feeling that

you are being neglected

Being treated as a nobody

being treated miserable

then why hope

If in the end you will suffer

in the end you will be left out

and abandon in the dark

wake up from your dreams

for not all dreams are sweet

not all dreams can be real

Wake up my friend, wake up

I beg of you to wake up


June 17, 2022


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