Noahstanleyehd2022/06/14 19:00

What is the penalty, 

Called capital punishment?

Death is what it is called.

Terrorists, mass murders, and so on,

When caught, are usually killed. 

But is death really a punishment?

It is common knowledge that everyone


From the good to the bad, 

The philanthropist to the rapist, 

The doctors to the killers, 

They all die. 

To think that the phenomenon sure to 

Befall everyone is 

Termed as a punishment. 

Doctors save lives right?

But to what extent?

What is the point when the life saved

Will still be lost 

We will all see the great beyond,

And it is sooner than you realize

So do not cry for lost loved ones,

As you will soon join them

In a world unknown to all. 


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