Would that, I wouldn't be, what I am.

Aliya Nayab2022/06/14 18:51

Would that, I Wouldn't be,

What I am.

A tiny creature, a form I desire,

Unnoticed, Unknown

An oyster in a shell,

deep in the sea,

Eternal peace, away from abyss

Would that I wouldn't be,

What I am,

A little child, a form I desire,

Careless, Reckless,

Would laugh out loud,

Innocent desires.

To be cared, to be loved,

Some things I aspire.

Would that I wouldn't be,

What I am,

An elderly person, a form I desire,

At peace, No worldly desire.

Seen my time, Lived enough,

Seen enough, understood the play.

A last breath to come, the flickering fire.

I wish to be, All the things,

Would that life would be,

a living dream.


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