One pretty summer

Vishnaj2022/06/14 18:38

When you find someone for whom you are willing to give up on everything; then what matters is you being with that person and this is my romantic encounter I will be treasuring forever.

One pretty summer

One beautiful sunrise, with the old routine;

Tight schedule and tired-hungry me. 

Went on a treat with a friend  with gorgeous beauty 

Maybe was the signal from nature, for my changing destiny. 


One pretty coincidence and the talks then started,

Lasted long for a few days and then finally met. 

What was that feeling?  

That happy nervous emotion!!! 

My first glance at him set me on fire. 


The person in front of me  

Was the one I had a crush; 

Just the ignorant me, ignored it and messed up. 


Never again then cared about!  

Back to my schedule

On that day after the months, 

Those feelings were reintroduced. 


We had a delightful treat,  

and a game; played well.

Something hooked up on each other; 

Both were looking for the same play. 


Why the rejection queen was nervous on that day 

Now when I look at the past I see myself correct Then the meetings; happened and talks lasted long 

The knots in our hearts were getting strong. 


From strangers to friends and then soulmates 

How did we end up; we questioned ourselves. 

The souls were attached but the world needs the ceremony 

Then I got him and then we spaced in harmony.


On the beautiful sunset standing in front of god 

One question I asked and we pledged to life long. 

The spaces between us are getting closer 

Me into him and he into me we are getting well together. 


The heat of summer has given me the calmness of life 

I saw the bright star in the sky and my life. 

With the spring, blossoms of forever bloomed in my park 

I am gonna treasure it; till the end of time!!!


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