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The cloud had gathered as the trees dances to the heavy tune of the wind and the atmosphere changes to the coercion of the wind. But despite the forces of the approaching rain, the day was welcomed with lots of busy schedule. Children were on their way to schools, workers heading to their various workplace and market women were not left out in the busy duties of the day.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Help me” she screamed out loud in pain reaching out to her neighbours for help as she groans in the pain of child birth. Her husband, under the constant supervision of the foreigner could not be spared a day off.

“Neighbour please help” the voice echoed again this time louder than before. “it seems she is in labour” says the first speaker.

“Let’s hurry up and check on her” chorused the second speaker as they rushed in to lend a helping hands.

“Calm down madam you will be alright” assured the third speaker.

“We are here to help you out she continued.

“Let’s look for a taxi and take her to a hospital” the second speaker cuts in “Doctor! Doctor! There is an emergency” the nurse said breaking profusely as she ran to inform the doctor of the present emergency.

“Ok, I will be right there” affirmed the doctor carrying along all the necessary equipment for a successful delivery.

“Madam push! Push ! push! You can do it. “Ah! Ah! Ah! She continues to scream as the pain of the childbirth aggravates.

“Now take a deep breath, yes, yes, common push, push now the baby is coming

“Ding Dong Ding Dong” his phone rings aloud.

“Oga your wife is about to put to bed and she is currently in the labour room.

What! Are you serious, where? Just hurry up she is at green palace hospital close to federal government secretariat.

“Boss, please sir, I need to see my wife in the hospital she is currently in labour room. “What is it by time? Asked the foreign man “9 am” he replied.

“It is not yet 6pm the work closing hour so am sorry your permission cannot be granted. “This is my wife we are talking about sir; she needs me now more than ever. “And I am your boss here. I decides when you come and when you go back” said the foreign man. “Sir, all my years, I have served you. I have obeyed you. Now am sorry I am going to disobey you. My family matters more to me than this job. And henceforth I seize to be under you and this moment I am independent.

The cry of the baby illuminates the hospital and uplifts the anxiety of the people. Wow! That’s the cry of a baby “Na gode Allah” says the first speaker

“oluwa modupe o” third speaker chorused.

“chukwu daalu o” the second speaker acclaimed. I think he is a boy he continues.

“this one seems like a girl to me” the first woman cuts in. whoever it is as long as the baby and the mother are safe, all glory be to God” the third speaker

“Where is the husband” asked the doctor as he appears from the labour room.

“The husband is on his way, I just called him” says the first speaker.

“Doctor what is going on, can you please break the good news to us” says the third speaker. “yes tell us” the second speaker cut in “doctor! Doctor! How is my wife and the baby, hope they are ok?” Shouted the husband as he rushed into the hospital breathing like a man who just finished a marathon race. The atmosphere was tensed as the people awaits the good news from the doctor.

moment later, The tension was broken by the doctor with a smile “congratulation sir, it is a bouncing baby boy” it was celebration galour as the women dances to the joy of a new baby. The husband celebrated the, woman celebrated, the doctor celebrated, As the heaven rejoices with a heavy downpour of rain a new dawn indeed come for the family.


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