Let The Stars Sleep - The Vessel of Hope.

SunEater. Sun-ELL2022/06/13 20:41

Let the stars sleep under the misty haze of the Milky way. Dribbling the tales of an unknown stage, where dreams fade to Pluto's surface door. Unlike the tiny skies of Mercury, the haze is an uncommon phase. Let the stars sleep, on the icy rings settled on the steep ends of Saturn. Turn on the tidal wave like Jupiter's raging Clouds. Misty sky rockets end up on Andromeda's golden waves. Like the Queen she is, she nods a soft wink. On the fringes of Milk and Honey lies the Blue-Bloomed Vessel.

Let The Stars Sleep - The Vessel of Hope.

The Vessel of Hope.

The un-witting truth spoken. She lays on the tiniest edge, fragile like an egg in a basketed nest. A nest she is, what is inside still waits for full Bloom. The Vessel of Hope carries what is on the inside on its back. A burden some think. She thinks like no other. Born of unconditional love,she is. She sets her eyes to the future, the future, blistering ever bright. She's more concerned of her vessels than of her, a vessel.

She's more in love everytime they call her "Mother Nature".

The Vessel of Hope lives within her. Always granting good fortune she feeds and nourishes them. The mother of Vessels. The Vessel of Hope.

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