Deirresistible pen2022/06/11 08:05

Girl, I understand how you're feeling

Sitting alone by the pool

Watching the fishes swimming

Thinking only of me

And the mess I'm always making

Of everything I do

Girl, I know there are times

I illtreat you

With my actions

And inactions

There are times I send you away

With what I refuse to say

Yet you always come back

To say sorry when you were right

I know there are times

You should have gone

Based on what I've done

But you stayed anyway

And worry about keeping me safe

From my demons.

Girl, I know I'm selfish

Though now, I wish

I could bring back the opportunities I wasted

Taking you for granted

And only caring about myself

When you're always giving me

Your all

Girl, I know you may not end up

With a schmuck like me

For I don't deserve

Someone this beautiful

With a heart so caring

Before all these

I was just one of those guys

You gave me your heart

But I messed it up

So I'm almost sure

That you'll never be mine

Girl, I don't think it's right for me to say this

But I'm not God

I'm not trying to find an excuse

For all, I did to you

But I might not have another time

To tell you all these

Before you walk down the aisle

Maybe with someone else

And leave me on the isle

To find my way back

To the shore

and start all again

So I am saying

You deserve better

Though I'd love us to be together

For a time as short as forever

And as long as never

Will anything do us apart

You deserve all the care

With no atom of hate

You deserve all the laugh

And not a tear

That will be like a tare

In your orchard of joy

You deserve to smile

All-day long

And someone who'd walk a mile

To see one spread on your face

You deserve the guy

Who would be blind

To all your flaws

And say sorry

Even when he's wronged

You deserve the whole truth

With no lies

Or even half-truths

You deserve more than a better

You deserve all of the best

But I'm not different from the rest.

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