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This is all about how life can be fair and unfair at the same a point in which we can think there's a light at the end of the tunnel, darkness clouds over our jolly selves....Life...

Phenomenal forces of divine energy

Light and darkness coexisting in harmony

Sealed within divine vessels with duality

Which the supreme being divided to seek stability

To enable the divine expression of creativity

What is the greatest gift of life?

The burning sensation that binds

To cast the shining luminous vines

And project Images of divine might

We live to live, not live to exit

Driven by thy passion to achieve

All the unchained ambitions to win

As we pursue them in hasty persist

When temptations bear fruits hard to resist

For every action there is a reaction

And in every thought there is attraction

To fill in the gaps found in our imperfections

That our naked eyes cannot comprehend in reflections

I wake up with my third eye open

Witnessing the brutality of reality

Where in this world victors and losers are chosen

When all line inside the illusion of their fantasy

The road to despair is short

The road to joy and repair is long


Where there is light

There are also shadows

Where there are victors

So are there losers

But, what is the real truth?

I mean...

All good deeds are necessary

All evil deeds are also equally necessary

Light and darkness are in a symbiotic relationship

Working together to express all things in creation

When light falls into darkness; Destruction

When darkness fall into light; Redemption


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