Rina Blue2022/06/08 11:02

I couldn't keep quiet. Too much had accumulated. I just want those assholes 2 leave us alone. I want peaceđź’™


The siren sounded at about five in the morning.

We are from Ukraine, so we know what it means to us.

When I heard that scary sound, I decided it was the end coming,

And an enemy rocket was about to hit our house.

The four flew right in front of our windows,

I didn't look, my sister saw with her own eyes.

At first I tried to stay calm, but now I feel it:

A chilling terror gripped me, a shiver pierced my thighs.

Don't shoot! We've had enough!

The alarm howl can be heard in the distance.

Scums in boots, they don't value human life.

No child deserved to be a witness.

Mothers weep, weep for their heroes

Whose souls have risen to heaven.

And while the rich sleep on their velvet pillows,

Why do guys have to die, holding their weapons?

You're killing civilians!

Genocide of our people!

We can rebuild our country from mutilation,

But the Heart cannot be saved when a man dies.


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