The most memorable day of my life

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Hi my name is zainab and i wrote this essay basicly a girl is forgotten by her parents at home and she hears weird noises and thinkning it was thieves she set up traps din the it was. Her dog

It was Sunday morning when we had to go to our aunt's house for a party as we were getting in the car I remembered that I forgot my purse in my house I sneaked off and as I was heading back down I realized my parents forgot me at home. I slept on the couch while watching tv. (Thud)I woke up to some weird sounds I thought it was my parents so I ran quickly to the porch but there was no one I. Was just calming myself down I saw the bushes clanging. I got scared and kept thinking it was thieves (scared) I went to hide in the basement to my shock I saw the safe open and sneaked into my room through the window to see it was all a mess. So I had a plan I went to my dad's workroom and took a copper wire and a project then I sneaked into my kitchen to get some flour first I put the projector on the stairs with a picture of a ghost then I took the copper wire and puted it on the door and last I took the flour and set it on the door. After a while of hiding, I saw that all the traps were triggered and after a few minutes my parents came they were very happy and pleased to find out what I did. Then our dog taffy came with a bruse and a injured toe with flour all over him.then it hit me that taffy played in the bushes with the flowers and he hated ghosts. My parents took him to the vet the doctors said he was going to recover in a feww days.


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