The Woman Under the Street Light

Racekasedy2022/06/05 13:04

Elmer, a regular man, a call center agent, was walking alone, going home after his shift during midnight. As he past along the street of Lucio Lopez, he saw a woman under the street light near his house. At first, he was scared, nervous and curious because why such a woman would stand outside during midnight. Then, he suddenly realized that the woman he was scared of, was his high school crush, Railey wearing a fine, white dress and flat shoes. His heart beat suddenly raised. He can't control his emotions as he saw the girl that he wants marry until present. A long staring game begun as Elmer walks towards Railey. Then, as they meet five feet apart, Railey happily hugs Elmer while crying because of tears. She whispered "i'm glad i found you again". He replies, "i guess i lost, you found me first".

They saw the greatness of love in each others eyes as they cry. All of a sudden, Railey Grabs Elmer's hands tightly, without a thought of letting go. Then, they jumped into a dimension, which the surroundings are all flowers and trees. The two of them run towards the field of tulips facing the sun. After a while, they felt tiredness as the joy exhaust thier bodies. But, after all of that, Elmer is still confused, he thinks that Railey is a witch and he suddenly became pale and sweaty. For the second time, Railey grabs his hands and gently said, "you're wondering what and who i am right?" "You're wondering why i suddenly have feelings for you right?" Unfortunaly, Elmer just stares at her without uttering a word. Then, he became shocked when Railey said, "Don't worry, i was assigned to guide you, i Railey, is your Guardian."

Elmer responded, "I didn't know that sort of things exist."

"Yes, indeed." "All of my life i never care for anyone else." "Such a selfish."

Railey stated.

"But you care for me don't you?" Elmer replied.

"Of course." "As a guardian, Yes i am."

Railey said half-sarcasticly. "That's why i became your classmate during your high school years."

"Yeah, it seems like that."

Still, Elmer can't control and hide the tremble, fear, and excitement due to all of things that's happening. But all of this change when Railey said.

"But you know? I supposed to look you as my mission, my purpose."

"Unintentionally, as i see you grow and live, i didn't notice that i was so in love with you." "Right now, all i think is to be with you all of my life."

Elmer was stuned and so glad for what he hear. He responded.

"Then why you didn't tell me back then?"

Railey said, "During those times, i'm still not sure for what i feel so that's what happened."

As the time to the realm past out, Railey leans her face next to Elmer's while saying,

"From now on, i will not hide from the shadows, i want to be a part of your life even everything didn't make a sense"

"Because loving you make more sense than anything else."

Then, Railey Kissed her as the surrounding vanishes.

After that, Elmer found himself laying on his bed, wondering what happened to him. The fire in his heart disappeared as he thought that all of that was just a dream. He took a bath, eats his breakfast, gets ready to go to his work. As he enter the office, he noticed a new face, a new hired woman. He easily realized that it is her, what he saw last night. To get out of curiosity, he approaches the person and ask,

"Hello, i'm Elmer, i noticed that you're new here, i hope we will get along together."

Then the woman responds with a casual and familiar tone,

"I know, don't act so formal, my Elmer, it is me Railey."

She unconsciously flamed up the fire inside his heart. He became energetic out of nowhere. Then, he went back to his table the to do his job beside the woman whose the love if his life. The woman he saw under the street light.



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