How to develop emotional intelligence in your child?

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Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient is really very important in the development of personality as well as in the survival of life. Majority of us focus on the development of intelligence quotient and give no importance to EQ. Although it is the necessary unit for a successful life because it helps to understand and behave correctly. As children are in their learning phase of life therefore, we should focus on the development of EQ in them as well.

How to develop Emotional intelligence in your child?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

It is the ability to recognize, use, and manage your own emotions to understand the psychological behaviors of others so that you can empathize with others and can resolve the social conflicts if required. It is also known as emotional quotient i-e EQ.

Importance of Emotional intelligence:

Many renowned psychologists ranked EQ over IQ because it is your EQ that helps you develop communication and leadership skills. No matter how good your IQ level is but without a strong EQ, it's never gonna help you.

Daniel Goleman, a famous psychologist once said:

"If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going any far."

The building of emotional intelligence is far more important in developing a strong personality to cope with various matters of life. A high EQ level helps to develop the following skills:

. Self awareness

. Great communication skills

. Leadership qualities

. Empathy

. Visionary life

In short, these are the qualities that lead to a successful and satisfactory life.


Learning abilities of children:

Children are in their learning age. They are adapting and transforming their behavioral characteristics. They accept and learn more swiftly than elders. It is the best time to inculcate the importance of EQ in their minds.

EQ is really very important in maturing their thoughts and behaviors as it is the way to make them able to live a successful, happy, and contented life. It will help them in the:

. Eradication of anxiety

. Relief from depression

. Building communication with people

. Offering solutions to various problems

. Having empathy for others

. Understanding of emotional behaviors

. Leading others towards a triumphant life

. Finding and creating new ways in difficult situations

. Awareness of their own psychology 

. Resolving family conflicts

. Resolving societal conflicts

. Developing an influencing personality

Therefore, being a parent it is really very important to pay heed to the construction and strengthening of emotional quotient in your children. Just like you focus on escalating the IQ of your child, you must pay attention to the development of the emotional intelligence of your child.

How to develop emotional intelligence in your child?

Now the question arises that how to develop your child's emotional intelligence? This is the question of high importance while parenting, therefore, doesn't take it lightly and should concentrate on creating the following traits in your child:

. Self-awareness

. Expressing their emotions

. Handling their problems

. Handling other's problems

Self Awareness:

It is important to develop the trait of self-awareness in your children because when they are aware of their emotional behaviors and what they are feeling at a particular moment only then they can help to get themselves out of that situation.

Help your children to recognize their emotions and name them like rage, jealousy, hatred, disappointment, sadness, and many more. This will help your children to acknowledge their psychological behaviors and the reason behind acting like that.

Expressing their emotions:

Let them express their emotions. Listen to them in a friendly manner. Show them that you trust them. Realize them that it is quite natural to feel in that way. Give them confidence and ensure that you are standing by them in every situation. 

This will give them a notion of love and affection from your side. This will strengthen the parent-child bonding and they will tell you each and everything they are feeling or going through.

Tell them about your own problems. Share your own issues with your children too. It will be something like boosting your relationship with your child

Listening to your children is sometimes everything they need from you. This will help a lot in relieving their stress and anxiety. Try your best to understand them and show them the best possible directions.

Handling their Problems:

Let your children handle their issues themselves. Give them the best possible advice and show them a direction too but let them resolve their matters by their own selves. Always stand by your children ensuring them your presence in the time of need but allow them to find the solutions by their own selves.

If they discuss with you any matter then ask them about the solutions they are thinking. Appreciate them about their thoughts and then suggest to them your idea of dealing that matter.

Tell your children sort of stories or your personal experiences while dealing with their problems. This will provide different angles for them to think about and help them a lot in finding some path.

Handling other's problems:

Involve your children in your home matters. Ask their suggestions on minor issues and appreciate them for taking part in them. Tell your children about your own matters and ask for a solution. 

Let them resolve the conflicts of their friends, their siblings, and other people of their circle. On any societal issue ask them what they are thinking about that matter. Always appreciate their thoughts and encourage them to develop a trait of empathy towards people and understand humanity and must go for the well-being of humans in all possible ways.


By understanding the mind of a child we can develop it for benefiting society. Children need reliance from their parents. By suppressing their ideas, interests, emotions, and thoughts we demolish their personalities. Good parenting skill demands acknowledgment and appreciation of their children. Let them grow and shine and always support them in showing the best possible direction.

A high EQ level of people is really important now in our society. We need a lot to come out of this depressive and anxious society. We need to produce and develop high emotionally intelligent children because our children are our future and the future of our society


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