Would you be there for me my love

Mofix2022/06/03 06:57


Would you still be waiting when I tour the world and back

Would you still be there when I'm at my worst and my will is slack

Would you be Jack and climb the beanstalk for my sake or would you throw caution to the wind and forsake my love

What would you do, tell me

If life said all the pain we felt again and again was all in vain cause we had no gain,

If tommorow doesn't come for us

And we are stuck in our stale form

What would you do

if Mr sunshine denies testament to our love

And goes back above staring vehemently at our lost love

Would you still be there if the tricky rain falls today and not tomorrow

And if our story eventually ends in sorrow

Tell me my love would you still be waiting when enternity comes or would u leave before dawn


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