Thebeezybee2022/06/02 15:40

Life is filled with troubles, chaos, wars, killings. All we need is Peace


In all Creations Leisures,

Lies disruption in measures,

And while they feast with pleasure,

Their foe do seek their treasure, Ripping them off their vision, To wallow in confusion.

Life now presents a picture,

Blurred they can't see the future,

Shadows of horrid figures,

Blood stains and pains as textures, Though some do pray as they cry, So sad like prey so much die,

Their fears leaving them at sea,

Their wails break all parts of me,

Their tears like rain drops I see,

Their hurts heavy yet won't cease,

Their foes reigning as they please,

Spreading hate and it's disease.

I'm gripped much at their sorrow,

With glimpse of their tomorrow,

Not glad to see them borrow,

A Smile they show in hollow.

I want to see them all pleased,

With hearts and minds at much ease,

To get back that which was seized,

That's me no one else but PEACE.


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