Art is science and science is art.

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Each field relies on other field for a complete explanation. Every study plays an equal role in nature. There is no inferiority or superiority among the fields of study rather all of them are as important as all the bricks used in the construction of the building. Science is nothing without art and art is nothing without science. Both are dependent on each other.

Art is science and science is art:


Nature is a hotchpotch of science and art. Science is the backbone of art and art is the backbone of science. These are the two resonating terms of each other. In every little thing of nature, we find the magic of art, and the ambiguities related to nature are solved with the help of science.

What the eye finds out is the art and what the mind clarifies is the science. But just lull here and understand the point that no art is created without science and no science is created without an art. Just like heart and mind are compulsory for a body to survive, the cohesion of art and science is the essence of this vast and glorious universe. 

Junction of art and science:

Earth is of oval shape. The starting point of mother Earth is actually its ending point or vice versa. All the processes of nature are also cyclic. Whether you consider the transformation of day and night, alteration of weathers, tickling of a clock, or the decay and the growth of a plant, you will find a cyclic pattern in every aspect of nature. There is a continuous replacement of everything. The end of one thing is actually the beginning of another thing.

This is the logic behind the connection between art and science. You can say where the art ends there the science begins and where the science ends there the art begins.

There are many illustrations in our up to date lives where we find the coupling of art and science. Some of those examples are discussed in detail in this article.


Painting is an art comprising of putting different colors on a canvas or sometimes on a paper. Painters are recognized as artists having command on their art of painting but just stop for a while and ask a question that what are colors?

Colors are nothing but are the reflection of light from the surface of various objects. Then what is light? Light is commonly referred to as electromagnetic radiation detected by the human eye. This all comes to us through science.

Well now come to the point that what is painting? How is it produced? And what is the relation between the art of painting and logic of science? 

So, here lies the answer that painting is an amalgamation of colors. The stirring of different colors and then getting a new color is nothing but science. And then applying those colors to create a masterpiece is an art. So, no art is created without science and no science is useful unless it is applied and gives fertile results.


To capture the serene and captivating beauty of nature is an art but how this comes to possible is also a science. You find a scene or something worth capturing, you make your mind, design an image in your thoughts, and then capture that sight with the help of a camera and create a photograph of your own desire. But hold on, what is this camera? How it works? How it helped you in capturing a photograph?

Again the answers to these questions are provided to us by science. 

A photographer is an artist and the photograph he designed is his creativity and his art behind whose existence there is science.


Have you ever consider how such melodious sounds are produced? How the voice of a singer is so euphonious? And how the background music is produced with the help of some instruments? No doubt both the musician and the singer are artists presenting us the art of creating music and sound of fluctuating intensities and frequencies.

But again this is not possible without the role of science. No music, no song even no sound can be produced without scientific logic. Hearing is a scientific phenomenon. Sounds are the waves that are produced as a result of vibration in the air, water, and other surfaces. The fluctuation of frequencies and intensities is related to those vibrations. 

With the help of science, the art of music is assembled. 


Now the theatre is the best example to understand this necessary bonding of art and science. Theatre is the place where a bulk of art and science is present altogether. Actors, musicians, singers, designers, make-up artists, photographers, and videographers all are artists and each creating a particular art under one roof. 

Similarly, a volume of science is also present in theatre-making. Lights, camera, cosmetic products, music instruments, sounds, and everything related to them is because of science.

That is why art is science and science is art.


These are only a few examples elaborating the bonding of art and science. The fact is that these both are necessary to each other as oxygen is necessary for breathing. Art adds to the beauty of life but science tells us the reason behind that beauty.

Art is the creation but science aids in that creation. Art is not illogical and science provides that logic. Art is a language and science is the words. In short, they both are the requirement of nature and without them, we are unable to understand the nature.


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