Life’s Hack

Pizzy2022/05/31 13:33
Life’s Hack

Essence of Life Hacks 

Living, goes well beyond mere existence in a terrestrial realm such as earth; it goes beyond cohabitation amongst myriads of life forms—plants, animals, the list goes on. Living crystallizes into full essence when it is decorated in fashions that looks to ease the very fact and also, if necessary, affect surrounding spaces. Hence, the need for possible hacks. 

A life hack is defined in Wikipedia to be any furnishing—which could either be a novelty or another’s intellectual property—and/or trick that increases productivity in all walks of life. Simply put, it refers to any conceivable method that can or may be used to make living easier and working, less demanding. They range from simple to compound and even to complex: depending on the level of assistance they render. An example of a simple hack could be simply folding a page on a text you’re reading to remind you where you paused—upon return; a compound hack on the other hand, would be wrapping your warm drink with a wet napkin before refrigerating. This helps to reduce refrigeration time and allow you enjoy your drink cold in less than fifteen minutes; Lastly, a complex hack could easily be using an ice cube to remove candle wax from surfaces. 

These however, may not be the case for a different person: because difficulty as we know, varies from person to person. Meaning, one’s complex hack, may have a ‘simple’ rating for another chosen at random. 

The fascinating thing about hacks remains that, irrespective of the fact that one may be totally ignorant and unaware of the term, it doesn’t take it away that the same, has in many occasions built or copied several patterns to ease up their life. Reasons may range from condition-necessitated: could be a rotation of screen to help with typing in event of a faulty touchpad; or a no-reason situation: where you do because others are doing, nonetheless, a hack remains a hack.

Hacks may not necessarily save a life, yet, having them makes a whole lot of difference 


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