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Atelophobia is basically the term which defines "fear of not being good enough". Because of the attitude of society and ever increasing competition and comparison among human races this psychological fear develops in majority of people most of the time. People's crushing opinions regarding other persons cause a huge impact on them which slowly or eventually passing through a series of questions converts into a fear of not being good enough for anything.

Atelophobia; Fear of not being good enough.

Degradation, bullying, rejections and objections bring out a fear in many individuals and they start to question their abilities and capabilities. They in fact start to question their existence. A fear of not being good enough finds a corner in their minds and grows within them. Atelophobia which is a fear of not being good enough for anything impedes the path to success. This deadly fear can bring an end to life while living.

Life is not a smooth journey and never it promised to be. It is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, highs and lows. It is such a horrible ride that sometimes it brings out your shrieks. Not every path is paved here. It demands an utmost courage from you to live.

You are knocked down at most of the stages by many of the reasons. Most of the times it becomes hard to move on. Here survival of the fittest is only possible by trampling others. Stepping forward becomes hard when there is a lump in throat unable to be swallowed.

Enrolled with success and failure side by side life introduces itself to you. There is no credibility of success all the time. You fail and sometimes have to face a continuous failure. Here you find the rejections and objections. There is no standard of perfection and no body is perfect at all but you and your skills are judged on different standards by different sects of minds. These are the cruel norms of this world to make you realize that you are not good enough for anything you desire.

The moment when this thought of not being good enough for anything finds a room in your mind is the point when you stop struggling, stop thriving for a better future, stop realizing your own worth and start to see yourself from the world's eyes. You start to undertake yourself as a failure. You start believing that no good is for you and you don't deserve quality thing, job or relation. In short this fear demolishes the will of living within you. It deteriorates your pleasant personality and you start to hide your skills as well as your whole self.

But hold on and ask yourself is this a solution to overcome atelophobia? By concealing your skills, hiding your thoughts, suppressing your personality and disguising your desire to live. Ask yourself is this a solution? Is this the audacity? Remember everyone dies but not everyone lives. Life demands courage, valour and bravery. History is full of people who overcame atelophobia by not accepting people's opinions about them. They proved their worth by becoming productive for the world.

Every soul is granted a purpose. No human being is useless. But life wants strong nerves. You have to fight your fears and insecurities every day and every moment and you have to fight hard because the instant you surrender to your fear is the moment of death of every thing inside you while living and this could be the phase to be declared as a loser and a failure. Remember life is an ocean where you have to swim at at any cost. You have to learn the art of swimming by your own self because no body is going to teach you. As said above survival of the fittest is only possible by trampling others. Identify those who try to drown you. Every one else's opinion is his opinion. Your fears are just your fears. You are extraordinary and equipped with high skills and abilities. You deserve all good. So just step out, breathe and overcome atelophobia. Encourage and appreciate yourself. Invest in yourself and let the world see how much productive you are.

To all those people who consider themselves empowered just be kind and appreciate others because there are people outside struggling with their insecurities and fears and fighting hard with their nerves. Just be kind and helpful to them.


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