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It is a poetic expression of a soul entangled in the crisis of life and bravely surviving through the harsh realities of life. It manifests that the crushing burden of thoughts on a soul cause a huge damage on the soul. Tired of all this fuss the soul wants some peace and escape now.

“Tangled soul”:

Trapped thoughts…

Knotted words…

Struggling with chaos….

How long it works?

Heavy heart,

An arched back

At each step

Making me crack

Swathing my wound,

Masking my scars,

Swirling around

A mingled life.

As friction of floor

Holds us back

When walking on it

We step ahead.

At tickling of clock

Moments from past

Running like happened...

They never last.

Wearing my shoes,

Loaded with woes

Heavy with weight

And stumbling gait

Covering miles,

With millions of thoughts,

By alluring smiles

Adorned my guise

It’s mere an art

And life’s part

On the stage

Is character we plays

Behind the stage

Destruction lays

Look at the stars

The burning balls

The glowing candle

And all its battle

It’s the law

To curtain the flaw

Nothing means

As it seems.

I am a soul

Hard to deal

Like a bug

Caught in a web

Having a shug

At my ebb

Trials passed

But left a mark

Recall the pains

Whenever it rains

On mother Earth

Passing my path

Lost my worth

As aftermath

In search of my

Peace of life

Spent a time

A lot to live

Scorching rays,

The coming days,

Errors in stars

Brought me scars

Laughing out

But need to cry

As a help

Who else can tie?

Laces of shoes

If shoes are mine

Head is a prison

Where thoughts are caged

Where all the time

I remain engaged

My tangled soul

Wants to fly

To all this fuss

Say a “Good Bye”.


Ayesha Noor.


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