Flow2022/05/29 20:30

This was inspired by my journey towards self acceptance and love.


I kept on waiting for the moment

It's getting closer, I thought

Millenia has passed me by

Anchored to the shore of faith

My newly found solace is on the pedestal of habitual affirmations

Every disappointing view met with apparent grotesque detachment

My heart gravitates toward the evoked incantations

There In a gorge of sporadic visualisation imbibe me of my unwavering power

Yet I feel cold

The light of the mother feels faint and distant

Her voice discerned echoes

I hear and see

"Thou shall not be forsaken

You belong with us

Awoken now you are, with the seeded stars

Emanating with cellular incandescence

The time is now"

I should breathe differently, I should glow difference

In alignment, I sleep and wake

But I can't let go of this frosty darkness

Maybe it is just an excruciating pain before the pleasure

a rupture in my vein cant cause an ache

When it is from an arrow

propelling me to the light of my grace

Still waiting like a junkie anticipating the hit

the rose amongst the thorns arousal

became more auspicious

The flame of pride sours mightier from my defeat

The weathered storms tales are for the books, I know

Albeit Destruction and excavation of the old seldom occur instantaneously

Every moment is attested

The goal is grounded in an effortless flow

Like the motion of a body after an escape velocity

Alas, the hollows in my faith are veracious

I need to embrace the path to the void

Waiting permits a perverted fantasy of the encompassing

The illusion of self-imagery stagnates the stream

Work intensely with narcissism

Let flaws be your morning star

A toddler cant learn to let go of a hot dish without an experience

Your awakened state does not insinuate rainbow

The castle walls are let down

Now I truly see and hear

To embrace the void is to be the void

Why was I waiting when the course has been set

I don't feel cold

I am the cold.


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