Mmehsoma2022/05/28 19:40

When a lot of things are going through ur mind, you feel the whole world is against you, dont forget....its all in your Head

An odd silence everywhere

I can hear my heartbeat.....

My ragged breathe

Feels like a horror movie

And I'm the only survivor

That's how i feel

Ominious thoughts

A feeling that makes me fear

Like I'm lagging behind

Like when i die

No one would know i ever existed

That's how i feel

Maybe its just me

But it won't let me be

I mean the fear in me

Its not from what i see

This eerie feeling i feel

What if something is wrong with me

I can't sleep

Closing my eyes will take me there.

And i barely return everytime

My darkest thoughts are there.

D low self esteem i discarded is there.

Last time i got depression as a parting gift

I can't sleep

I stay still

If i move i might trigger something.

I'm afraid i might fall asleep involuntarily.

But what can i do.....

Its all in my head...


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