Mikewyld2022/05/28 14:41

We need you to rise up,

You need us to pull your world together.

Striving to pull through each day, you lend a hand when hopes fade away.

Homeless and hopeless we roam the streets, shelter and hope you restored to us.

Weary and bruised we seat on the by pass, expecting a miracle to save the day.

Living with faint hopes for survival, you go out of your cozy to give us hope.

Giving, but painfully you give, lifting the burdens off of our backs.

Made a necessary part of your lives, sowing a seed of hope, you reap happiness.

Got broken to heal our brokenness, granting our wish, you meet your needs.

Help us to rise, for you only rise up by lifting others.

© Adeyeye Michael Peter.


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