The intelligent ants

Ayesha sialvi2022/05/28 12:11

Very amazing facts and searches about ants

The intelligent ants

An Ant is a small insect. It is mostly found in red and black colur. It is a omnivore insect. Ants make there nest in ground. Ants are found in our homes also. Today i tell you most amazing facts about ants. They can swim in water.

They can lift 20 times more than thier weight. Ants have lived in the world for 110 million years. Its doesn't have lungs there are small holess on there body which carries oxygen to his body and emit carbon dioxide. They have no ears also there feets have vibratory sensors.

According to the research, its weight is equal to that of human all over the world. It is the most intelligent ant of the world. one think is very interesting about its, is that ants like sweet foods very much.

They lives in ants colony. There are three types of ants are present in their colony.

i) Worker ants: these types of ants used to carry food from one place to another.

ii) Scout ants: such ants go out to the country in search of food.

iii) Queen or honey ants: these types of ants train and instruct worker ants and scout ants.

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