Mmehsoma2022/05/27 06:47

This poetry lets you know not to let your problems get the best of you..... You can succeed.

Every day on my bed....

my frequent companion is a bird

Its chatters reminds me that I'm still alive

And its another day to fight

I am wary

Wary that my heart would stop beating one day

Day after day i pray

Praying that i would win this fight...

The migraines, the pain, the dizziness, the feel of helplessness

Needles on my skin, such unpleasantness

The numbness that comes with so many tears

The problems i face everyday

All i can do is (laugh literally) in the face of wahala.

Believing that one day i go walk with my legs.

And when i do , I'll remember this day

When i stopped fearing my problems

I'll remember this day

When i said no to fear

When i looked at my wahala

And laughed in its face....


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