Enyonam Bonsi2022/05/27 02:57

This talks about beind smart. If anyone wants be to publish another one I will gladly do it. You may also want me to write one for you



Have the quality of being smart, outstanding and extremely good.

Excellence orchestrates in the mind, translates into speech and demontstrates in behavior

To be excellent, never stop improving

Excellence is never satisfied

You must be excellent in all you do

Height, weight, age or even race are not characteristics one must have to be excellent

Excellent people are not afraid of giving their best

Excellent people are not afraid of trying again

Excellent people live their lives to surpass human understanding

Excellent people are not easily discouraged

Excellence requires standing out not fitting in

An excellent spirit is a spirit of integrity

Do all you can, try your possible best and give all you can

Make excellence your lifestyle.


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