Inner Feelings

Neddy2022/05/27 01:57
Inner Feelings

It's been awhile,

How are you doing,

I have always looked forward to seeing that face again,

That face that brightens the atmosphere,

That face that puts a smile on many,

That face that warms the body,

I have always tried to gather the courage to confess,

But just a look at your face,

Gives me the feeling that you are already taken and I get discouraged,

Little did I know,

That face is actually a way if motivation,

A chain trying to pull me close,

But am the fire, trying to melt the sensation.

No more running,

No more been scared,

No matter how long I run,

The feelings won't die,

It is pushing,

It's been held in the shackles it isn't meant to be,

It deserves to be free,

It deserves to go to the person it's meant to be with,

That person is ........


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