"A Bright Spark In The Bleak Sky"

Rina Blue2022/05/26 15:01

Inspired by Lana Del Rey's music & stuff💙 Written on 03.07.2021

"A Bright Spark In The Bleak Sky"

Summertime sadness comes out these lines,
It's running through me, it's playing for me.
I think this song is magical.
How I wish the magic will be forever.
Obsessed with this summer breeze.
It's so cold here, I might freeze.
I found the source of my inspiration,
I sing song, the hymn of my generation.

I never fell in love,
The sun watch this from above,
A Bright Spark in the bleak sky.
I never fell in love,
I just let that magic began,
A Bright Spark in the bleak sky.

The "Radio" makes me enjoy the sun,
But I cry when I listen to the "Flipside".
All this shit around makes me wanna run.
Nobody knows there's something I wanna hide.

My sister says I’m addicted to you.
I let these beautiful melodies go through.
I make your portraits and enjoy it too,
I line my lips with a brown pencil, as you do.

I say R.E.Y
And I don't know why
But you look so out of reach for me,
Real beauty queen, maybe it's like it should be.
For years to come or even centuries
Darling, you have made history.
Wanna back to 2013, UA
To finally see you on the stage.


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